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Karen Siclare


Program Associate Director, Nutrition Institute

Eleanor Dana Hall - End Hall 113A
(203) 576-2379

Karen is an alumnus of the nutrition program graduating in 2002 , is a CNS, and joined the UB administration in 2009 while having had 6 years experience in practice. Karen's field experience allowed her to expand the scope of the program in 2012 based on the needs of clients, students,  and the growth of functional medicine.  She founded a non profit association of nutrition professionals which increased the exposure of nutrition to the public  as well as healthcare professionals.  That association became part of the American Nutrition Association which now has over 5000 members.  In addition to work on curriculum development, faculty management, admissions review , and program innovation, Karen serves as the academic advisor to all students in the program.


BA in Marketing, Hofstra University
BS in Human Nutrition, University of Bridgeport