Claude Perrottet

Claude Perrottet


Adjunct Professor, Global Development and Peace, School of Public and International Affairs

Dr. Perrottet is currently teaching courses at UB’s School of Public and International Affairs and the School of Professional Studies. He previously served as faculty instructor for UB’s Global Learning Initiatives (GLI) where he was responsible for training UB faculty in the art of teaching online and blended (hybrid) courses. He has also served as the Managing Editor for the Journal of Global Development and Peace (2014 issue).

Perrottet has translated numerous academic books and articles from and into English, French and German, and from Italian and Korean into English. He also has a working knowledge of Japanese. Having resided in both Korea and Japan, he has a strong interest in East Asian studies and has published an article on Tillich and Zen Buddhism. He has also spent time in Albania and Kosovo and maintains ties to both.


Ph.D., University of Laval


Courses Taught:
GLDP 528: Sociopolitical Implications of World Religions
GLDP 540: Culture and Development
GLDP 522: International Conflict and Negotiation
EAPRS 524: Political and Economic Integration
GLDP 599: Thesis
PHIL/WREL 216: Philosophy of World Religions
SOC/WREL 348: Religion and Society
PHIL 103: Men, Women, Issues
PHIL 203: Ethics



He has published Beyond Kantian Criticism: the Critical-Intuitive Method in Paul Tillich’s First Philosophy of Religion (in French: Au-delà du criticisme kantien: la méthode critique-intuitive dans la première philosophie de la religion de Paul Tillich). In 2009, he has published “Immanuel Kant’s Perpetual Peace: The New World Order of Critical Philosophy” as the lead article in the first issue of the Journal of Global Development and Peace. “Guide to the Perplexed: An Attempt To Make Sense of the Tillich-Hisamatsu Dialogues.” In: Bulletin of the North American Paul Tillich Society, Volume XXXVII, Number 2 Spring 2011, 47-62. Originally presented at the 47th American Academy of Religion annual meeting in Atlanta, GA (October 30-November 1, 2010).

“Immanuel Kant’s Perpetual Peace: The New World Order of Critical Philosophy.” In: The Journal of Global Development and Peace. Spring 2009:4-33.

“Tillich et le criticisme kantien: le lien insoupçonné.” In: Laval Théologique et Philosophique, 65(2)217-243, June 2009.

“Le point d’attache kantien dans la Religionsphilosophie de Tillich en 1920”. In: Tillich and Barth: Theological Dis / Agreements. Tillich-Studien vol. 23, p. 93-113. LIT Verlag, Vienna, Austria, 2016.