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Online Admission FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions


The University of Bridgeport is fully accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE). The University is also accredited by the Board of Governors of the Connecticut Department of Higher Education. Some professional programs may have additional accreditation as well.

As an online student you may qualify for financial assistance, depending on your academic level, degree program, and financial and family status. Learn more about your options by viewing our financial aid page.

Yes! We’re located in Bridgeport, Conn. on Long Island Sound. If you would like a tour you can sign up online.

No, online degree programs and courses appear the same on your University of Bridgeport transcript as the courses offered on-campus.

Online courses offered through the University of Bridgeport are taught by many of the same professors that teach on campus. All courses have similar requirements, standards and learning outcomes even though they are taught in different formats.

A hybrid program is one where a majority of the coursework occurs online but may require a trip to campus for a residency or an exam. Your program page should outline your on-campus requirements.

Absolutely! We love when our online students join us to celebrate. The commencement happens every May. If you can’t attend in person, we also stream it live.

Yes, you can apply for admission, register for classes, access university services, and take online courses entirely online. The online classroom is conducted through Canvas so you have electronic access to course materials, communication with instructors and fellow students, and other online resources, 24 hours a day.

The University of Bridgeport seeks to resolve student grievances, complaints and concerns in an expeditious, fair and amicable manner. If you reside outside of the State of Connecticut while attending UB and desire to resolve a grievance, follow the University’s Grievance Procedure found in the Key to UB. However, if an issue cannot be resolved internally, you may file a complaint with your State.

The Online Learning Experience


UB’s online courses allow students to complete coursework entirely online, at any time from any place with internet access. As an online student you can work from your home or office at your convenience, while reading, writing, analyzing and researching the subject you are studying. The courses are designed to be interactive and engaging, developed and taught by trained instructors. Online courses are not self-study courses, and require weekly participation.

Each course has its own course materials, assignments, and course activities, which can consist of a combination of textbook readings, lecture notes, audio or video presentations, discussion boards (where you interact with instructors and other students), online tests and quizzes, written assignments, and library research.

No, online courses are primarily asynchronous (not in real time), therefore you do not need to be on your computer at the same time as the instructor or other students. To be a successful online student you do need to be online at least 2-3 times per week to access course materials, complete assignments, and participate in your course discussions. Assignments are typically given on a weekly basis, and you’ll have to complete your coursework within that time frame. Some instructors utilize live video conferencing or offer online “office hours” to enhance interaction, however most course activities are not in real-time.

To participate in the online courses at the University of Bridgeport, you will need regular access to a computer (one that is 3 years old or newer is recommended) with a reliable Internet connection. Students should be able to use a word processor, send and receive email, and be comfortable using the Internet. A webcam and microphone are required for many online courses – most new computers and mobile devices have this technology built-in, but an external webcam and microphone can be purchased separately from most electronics retailers. A traditional desktop or laptop is recommended for online students (Chromebooks may be used for some course activities but are NOT compatible with all technologies used in UB online programs). Mobile devices are supported and can be used for normal viewing of your courses, but may not be optimal for performing all activities and assignments. For information on computer requirements and mobile apps visit our Technology Support information.

The time spent each week on an online course varies from student to student and course to course. On average, you can expect to spend 5-10 hours a week per course on reading lectures and textbooks, participating in class discussions, completing and submitting assignments, and studying for and taking tests. The time needed for an online course also depends on each student’s commitment, prior knowledge, and organizational skills.

For each course the instructor will provide instructions and deadlines for submitting assignments in the course syllabus. Assignments for an online course typically consist of a combination of tests, quizzes, papers, discussions, and projects, and vary by course.

Each course is set up with the opportunity to interact with your classmates and instructor through discussions. You also have the option to contact your professor privately through email or a Canvas message.

Exams are typically given online through your course in Canvas. Some instructors may require exams to be taken using special technology which is built into Canvas, which may include a LockDown technology Browser (a custom browser similar to Chrome or Firefox that locks down the testing environment within Canvas) and a webcam (which records student activity during the exam). A practice exam will be provided ahead of time to allow you to test their computer system and request assistance setting it up properly, if needed. Instructions for exams will be provided by the instructor.

We have a number of resources available and a 24/7 help desk to assist you with any technical questions you may have. For specific questions about your course, you should contact your instructor.

Yes, students can access journal articles, books, and other resources through the UB Wahlstrom Library website. Students are able to access electronic databases, newspapers, journals, and Internet links covering a wide variety of subject areas and formats. There is no cost to UB students for using UB’s Wahlstrom library. In the student orientation, there is information about accessing and using library resources.