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Suggested course work for graphic design majors includes foundational, core graphic design, core studio, graphic (or other) design electives, and University-required academic core courses.  

Both the traditional Graphic Design program and the New Media concentration emphasize design thinking, real-world community projects, and skill-building toward a final self-directed project in the senior year.

The degree for Graphic Design is a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) in Graphic Design. Both the GD and GD-NM degrees are 125 credits taken over eight semesters.

Within the structure of the curriculum, students can customize their courses with electives to focus on areas of interest — text and typography, image and illustration, photography and video, for example — to strengthen their skills and understanding of those facets of graphic design.

First Semester

3 ADSN 103 2-D Design Principles
3 ADSN 105 Drawing I
3 ADSN 119 Intro to Computer Applications I
3 ADSN 117 Survey of Art History I
3 FYS C101 First Year Seminar
15 Credits total


Second Semester

3 ADSN 108 3-D Design Principles
3 ADSN 106 Drawing II
3 ADSN 219 Intro to Computer Applications II
3 ADSN 118 Survey of Art History II
3 ENG 101 Composition & Rhetoric Core
3 MATH 105 Intermediate Algebra
18 Credits Total

Third Semester

3 GDSN 255 Graphic Design Studio I (Print)
3 ADSN 209 Painting I
3 ADSN 377 History of Modern Design
3 GDSN 204 Calligraphy & Letterforms
3 Soc Sci Social Science Core
3 Hum Humanities Core
18 Credits Total


Fourth Semester

3 GDSN 256 Graphic Design Studio II (Print)
3 GDSN 203 Typography
3 ADSN 231 Photography
3 ADSN 379 History of Graphic Design
3 ADSN 207 Illustration Studio I
3 Soc Sci Social Science Core
18 Credits Total


Fifth Semester

3 GDSN 305 Graphic Design Studio III (Packaging/Environmental)
3 ADSN 233 Motion Graphics
3 ADSN 225A Web Applications I
3 Nat Sci Natural Science Core
3 MCOM Elective
15 Credits Total


Sixth Semester

3 GDSN 306 Graphic Design Studio IV (Web)
3 GDSN 225B Web Applications II
3 GDSN 212 Visual Semiotics
3 Hum Humanities Core
3 Nat Sci Natural Science Core
15 Credits Total


Seventh Semester

3 GDSN 355 Graphic Design Studio V (Publishing)
3 MCom 339 PR & Advertising Campaigns
3 GDSN 425A Design Service
3 Liberal Arts Elective
3 Caps C390 Capstone Seminar Core
15 Credits Total


Eighth Semester

3 GDSN 356 Graphic Design Studio VI (Thesis)
3 ADSN 304x Business Practices
3 GDSN 425B Design Service
3 GDSN 398 Internship
3 ADSN/GDSN elective
15 Credits Total