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Curriculum and Program requirements

The online undergraduate Project Management (PM) certificate is composed of three courses, totaling nine credits. Each course employs real-world case studies and project management simulations that provide experiential learning opportunities. Courses are designed to allow students to engage with scaffolded content ranging from foundational to complex.

Title:  Essentials of Project Management
Course Section Number:  PRST-241-IDDL1
Description:  This course develops a foundation for the key project management concepts of planning, scheduling, controlling, resource allocation, and performance measurement; as well as the introduction of project management tools. (3 semester hours)

Title:  Project Planning & Implement
Course Section Number:  PRST-320-IDDL2
Description:  The course explores principles of successful project planning, organization, and implementation using real-world examples to identify mistakes and pitfalls in project management. Topics covered include project scoping, estimating, budgeting, scheduling and staffing, tracking and controlling, and software tools. (3 semester hours)

Title:  Leadership in Project Management
Course Section Number:  PRST-325-IDDL2
Description:  This course will explore the role of leadership in project management. Special emphasis is placed on motivation, performance management, communication, team building, innovation and strategic management. (3 semester hours)