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Learn about the world, learn about yourself

Since 2005, UB students from all walks of life have traveled to over 50 different countries for international study, service learning, and internship opportunities. Regardless of your background and personal circumstance, our staff is here to work with you to find an affordable and appropriate program that fits with your higher education experience.

In today’s globalized job market, study abroad experience provides students with the competitive edge needed to stay in demand.

UB students with study abroad experience have

  • A 99% degree completion rate

  • Improved GPA once returned from abroad

  • Reduced overall cost for degree completion

  • Competitive applications for graduate school

  • Reduced time from graduation to first professional position



The University of Bridgeport has established relationships with a variety of partner institutions and study abroad program providers. From Spain to Japan and from Cuba to South Africa, the Education Abroad Resource Center works directly with the following program providers. 


Most study abroad students are able to save money on the cost of their college degree. The Education Abroad Resource Center (EARC) will help you gather and complete the required forms needed in the Financial Aid office. This will allow you to better understand what funds are available to help with your international program.


Scholarship Programs