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Career Pathways for Nurses of the Future

The Nursing Leadership & Education Master’s degree at the University of Bridgeport is a new degree model designed to prepare nurses with expertise in organizational & systems leadership with adult learning theory and teaching methods that can improve outcomes in patients, communities and global healthcare environments.

Leadership and Education are currently two areas in desperate need of graduate level nurses to align leadership skills with nurse educator knowledge in order to synthesize and strengthen the nurse of tomorrow.  A broader range of nursing expertise is needed to cross the divide between academia and practice.  Graduates from this innovative graduate program will lead interdisciplinary teams to advance the transformation of healthcare and bridge the academic/practice divide.

Potential Career Paths for graduates of the Leadership & Education Degree Program include these or any combination of these positions:

  • Health System Leadership as managers or directors, administrators, strategic clinical leaders in leadership, quality & safety, research, education.
  • Academic Leaders as nurse faculty, nurse educator, administrator, assistant or associate dean or director.

At UB, we have a futuristic view of nursing and have a framework to guide leaders into the formation of new and unique career paths.

Are you ready for a new career?