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Schedule & Courses

The University of Bridgeport’s M.S. in Computer Science follows a traditional 16 week course schedule during the fall and spring terms and offers a shortened summer semester. Classes begin in January, June and August. Classes are offered year-round and students can complete the entire program in less than three years, taking two classes at a time.

Required Courses

CPSC 501: Object-Oriented Programming Using C++

CPSC 502:Analysis of Algorithms

CPSC 503:Operating Systems

CPSC 551: Advanced Database

CPEG 572: Data and Computer Communication

ENGR 400: Engineering Colloquium

CPSC 597: Master’s Project

Elective Courses

CPSC 435: Unix System Programming

CPSC 440: Windows Programming

CPSC 441: Smartphone App Development

CPEG 472: Computer Communications II: Networks

CPEG 481: Mobile Communications

CPSC 506: Mobile and Pervasive Computing

CPEG 510: Introduction to Computer Architecture

CPSC 552: Data Mining

CPSC 555: Web-Based Application Development

CPSC 561: Network Security

CPSC 590: Parallel and Distributed Processing

Program Requirements

The M.S. in Computer Science curriculum is 34 credits and consists of 3 components:

Core Courses (16 Credits)

  • Programming Design Patterns
  • Analysis of Algorithms
  • Operating Systems
  • Advanced Database
  • Data and Computer Communication
  • Engineering Colloquium

Electives (15 Credits)

These courses will be determined in consultation with your graduate adviser. Available topics include but are not limited to:

  • Computer Architecture
  • Data Mining
  • Mobile Communications
  • Network Security
  • Networking
  • Programming
  • Smartphone App Development
  • Web-based Application Development

Capstone (3 credits)

  • Master’s Project