Senior Lecturer
Entrepreneurship, Management
Mandeville Hall, Room 9

J.D , University of Bridgeport, 1991
B.S. Business, University of Bridgeport, 1987

Elena Cahill, JD came to the University as an adjunct in 2005 while a Partner of the Law Firm Tyler Cooper and Alcorn, LLP, a member of Golden Seeds, a NYC-based women investing group, and later the Director of the Angel Investor Forum, a Connecticut-based angel investing group. Since that time she created two additional businesses and further sold one to a NYC-based private equity group.

Elena Cahill now joins the University as a full time professor and will chair the Entrepreneurship Department and create a university entrepreneurship center wherein students can bring their concepts to market.

Mgmt 582

Mgmt 321-X

Blaw 251-11

Small Business Entrepreneurship, International Entrepreneurship, Business Law, European Union Customs and Borders, Leadership and Management