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About the B.S. in Business Administration

The Business Administration major provides the maximum flexibility in course selection for a student to fulfill both personal and professional goals.

Upon completion of University and College core requirements the student may pursue a myriad of unique combinations of study to satisfy either a general or specific purpose. This includes combining study from two or three of the major disciplines of study within the college including those disciplines not listed in this catalog such as Economics and Management Information Systems, and combinations with other colleges at the University. In all cases the study program of the student must be approved by the student’s faculty advisor. Students interested in adding a Teacher Certification to a program in Business Administration can do so. A brief description of the teacher certification requirements appears elsewhere in this catalog under the Department of Education section.

The University Core Curriculum requires passing the mathematics competency exam or taking Mathematics 105. This competency is a prerequisite for CAIS 101. Students anticipating graduate study in Business are advised to take Calculus as a free elective. Upper Division coursework provides students with a common body of managerial knowledge, multinational business studies, study in a major field, and an internship or business development project. The concentration of professional courses in the last two years builds upon the broad-based analytical tools and liberal arts foundation of the first two years.



Learning Outcomes

  1. Acquire basic general business knowledge
  2. Develop practical technical skills necessary for initially pursuing a junior level entry position
  3. Learn how to communicate with others in their organization
  4. Understand the role of business in the larger society

James Page

Undergraduate Program Director, School of Business
Mandeville Hall, Room 22B