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Learn how to make data-driven business decisions

You will gain in-depth knowledge of information systems, as well as modern analytical skills, while fulfilling the 30-credit course requirement for the Analytics and Systems, M.S. degree program.



Courses are specifically broken out into the following segments, allowing you to build a foundation of knowledge as you go: Program Core, Analytics Intelligence, and Analytics Applications.

You will conclude the program with a required thesis or internship to demonstrate competency in research, analysis, and project work. You may elect to include research, project work, or both. An effective thesis will help you solidify your grasp of the program content and serve as an impressive addition to your career portfolio.

How does the curriculum differ from the MBA with a concentration in Analytics Intelligence? The Analytics and Systems, M.S. degree program focuses specifically on analytics and systems, rather than business management. You may learn more about the MBA program here.

Depending on your undergraduate coursework, you may be required to complete up to 12 credits of prerequisite coursework to successfully graduate from the 30-credit program. This can be done online in the same format as your other courses. If you are a student with a strong academic record (“B” or better in each case) from an accredited university, you may be able to waive preparatory foundation courses.

ACCT 500 Accounting & Business Law
ECON 500 Economics & Finance
ITKM 500 Information Technology and Quantitative Methods
MGMT 500 Management & Marketing

ITKM 505 Information Systems and Knowledge Management
MGMT 555 Global Program and Project Management

ITKM 548 Enterprise Intelligence and Decision Support Systems
ITKM 549 Technical Concepts for Analytics Professionals
ITKM 560 Foundations in Advanced Enterprise Analytics

MKTG 525 Data-Driven Marketing
FIN 534 Behaviorial Economics and Algorithmic Finanace
MGMT 534 Strategic Sourcing and Outsourcing

The capstone in the Analytics & Systems, M.S. consists of a research methods course and either a thesis or internship.

BUCP 588 Research Methods for Business
BUCP 598 Thesis OR BUCP 599 Internship

Program Requirements

To fulfill the requirements of this program, you will need to successfully complete the required 30-credits of coursework, including a thesis or internship. Coursework may be completed as a full-time or part-time student. You must satisfactorily complete all academic requirements with a cumulative grade point average grade of “B” (CGPA = 3.0) or better.

Evaluation of your progress will be based on the following:

  • Research papers integrating market trends with class topics
  • Exams measuring the effective acquisition of technical acumen
  • “Hands-on” tools and calculation assignments and projects
  • Student attendance and class participation
  • A thesis that demonstrates the ability to conduct investigations in the analytics and systems discipline