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Core Courses (50 Credits)

NUTR 560N Anatomy and Physiology for the Clinical Nutritionist
NUTR 560U Introduction to Biochemistry for the Clinical Nutritionist
NUTR 560V Nutritional Fundamentals
NUTR 560A Pathophysiologic Basis of Metabolic Disease
NUTR 560M Evidence-Based Nutrition
NUTR 560B Biochemistry of Nutrition
NUTR 560E Assessment of Nutritional Status
NUTR 560C Vitamins and Minerals
NUTR 560G Lifelong Healing with Food
NUTR 560D Clinical Biochemistry
NUTR 560H Developmental Nutrition
NUTR 560I Functional Medicine Nutrition
NUTR 560F Nutritional Therapeutics
NUTR 560K Virtual Clinic
NUTR 560P Botanical Medicine


In order to successfully complete the Human Nutrition, M.S. distance learning degree program, you must complete the courses listed in the 50-credit curriculum with a minimum grade point average of 3.0 (“B” average). All degree requirements are to be completed within five years. To complete the program within 28 months, you must take two courses per term, three terms per year.

You will also be required to pass an on-campus comprehensive examination approximately three months after the completion of all coursework in order to graduate. The exam is held on a Sunday morning, three times a year, on the main campus in Bridgeport, CT. (Travel expenses are not covered by UB.)