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The course offerings in the Master of Science in Dental Hygiene distance learning program cover a variety of topics from leadership and research to public health and education. Prior to your studies, you will be required to help prepare you for the program and its learning tools.

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You will be required to participate in an Online Orientation prior to attending the on-campus orientation. During the Orientation, students learn how to navigate the learning management system (LMS). Successful completion of the Online Orientation is required of all new students in the online program.

You will also be required to attend a mandatory one-and-a-half day campus visit. This is required for all newly enrolled students. This orientation occurs end of May/beginning of June.

First Year (18 Credits)

DHYG 500 Leadership (Summer)
DHYG 501 Grant and Contract Writing (Summer)
DHYG 502 Evidence-based Research (Fall)
DHYG 506 Global Healthcare (Fall)
DHYG 508 Curriculum Development and Management (Spring)
DHYG 515 Statistical Reasoning (Spring)

Second Year (19 Credits)


DHYG 503 Clinical and Didactic Educational Concepts (Summer)
DHYG 516 Concentrated Practicum (Summer)
DHYG 504 Dental Hygiene Student Teaching (Fall)
DHYG 512 Public Health (Fall)
DHYG 513 Seminar in Contemporary Dental Hygiene Issues (Spring)
DHYG 520 Master's Capstone (Spring)
DHYG 521 Capstone Extension (as needed)