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BA, BS in Humanities Degree Program

The University of Bridgeport BA, BS in Humanities Degree Program programs emphasizes connections between literature, history, philosophy, and writing. Each discipline within the major contributes essential elements to our comprehension of self, others, and the world. The program also focuses on concrete skills and career readiness. 

The University’s mission is reflected in our program requirements, which include twelve hours of language study. Students acquire the skills, knowledge, and insights that accrue from the integrative study of literature, history and philosophy, as well as other liberal arts disciplines. By cultivating skills of critical analysis and effective writing, and furthering the understanding of abstract ideas and historical trajectories, the major program prepares students to go on to graduate study and to pursue careers in teaching, the professions, and business.

Learning Outcomes

By completing the Humanities program, students will:

  • Be able to read critically and analyze traditional literary genres, historical texts, and philosophical texts.
  • Be able to develop and communicate their ideas clearly in writing.
  • Be able to identify and evaluate appropriate research sources, incorporating the sources into documented academic writing, and formulate their own arguments based in part on those sources.
  • Gain a competency in the content, theories and methods of a particular discipline in the humanities that will manifest itself in their written work.
  • Be able to demonstrate an understanding of the interconnectedness of literary, historical, and philosophical developments that influence the current global culture.
  • Develop an appreciation for the humanities as a source of practical wisdom, aesthetic pleasure, and knowledge of the diversity of human experience.
  • Develop a grounded sense of ethical responsibility in an increasingly interconnected world.