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Dean's Message

Welcome to the College of Engineering, Business and Education, the University of Bridgeport Innovation College!

The College of Engineering, Business and Education of the University of Bridgeport provides comprehensive professional, education, and research opportunities to a diverse community in engineering, sciences, technology, computing, business, management, entrepreneurship, finance, analytics, accounting, education, teacher preparation, and educational administration. The College prepares students for leadership and eminent professional careers in industry, government, and academia and significantly contributes to the professions and community locally, regionally, nationally, and globally.

The College is locally, regionally, and globally known to have very strong ties to the modern economy and industry, providing all our students with unique co-ops and internships in industry, government, academia, and school districts while they study at UB and exceptional job placement upon graduation.

The College offers a distinctive education in fundamental and emerging disciplines through its faculty and institutional partners. The education features an application-oriented approach to interdisciplinary issues and opportunities that balances theory with real world state-of-the-art practices.

A stimulating professional and scholarly environment, world-class research and development centers, and distinguished programs at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels ensure that our graduates possess creative, innovative, and analytical skills with a strong commitment to research and technical excellence, professional career-oriented instruction, ethical conduct, community engagement, and cultural, societal, and global well-being.

The College prepares its students for unique opportunities, rewarding distinguished professions and eminent careers in an ever-evolving futuristic economy. Our unique programing is professionally-oriented, innovative, and interdisciplinary in nature, enabling our students to progress to truly exceptional careers in the 21st century modern and dynamic economy and within future disciplines and themes that are yet to emerge.

The education we disseminate and the professional career training we provide our students with is dynamic, flexible, interdisciplinary, hands-on and, most importantly, is conducive to making our students life-long learners and comfortable with a very rapidly changing economy that needs professionals to be cross-trained and able to function on projects and teams that transcend traditional academic and professional boundaries.

Programs and degrees at the College are designed and updated with attention to the region and institutions we serve. The education and research opportunities we offer feature the acquisition of fundamental knowledge in a wide range of fields and an application-oriented approach to issues that are progressively more interdisciplinary. Thus, graduates of the College will possess broad knowledge, receive professional training and develop skills and leadership abilities that will ensure their success in an evolving global economy and allow for the betterment of the communities in which they live.

The College serves as a think tank for new ventures in the emerging world of STEM-oriented markets, innovative business solutions, and creative educational methodologies. The College's mission is to develop a world-class trained workforce that helps in the continuing growth of industries and communities in Connecticut and all parts of the world where its graduates work and live.

Welcome to UB's Innovation College!


Khaled Elleithy, Ph.D.
Dean of the College of Engineering, Business, and Education