mom_kids_130928_045ParentsVDay_wHaving your student go away to college is a major life transition and can be stressful to both the parent and student. A great way to reduce stress and assist with the transition is to be involved with your new college student’s life after they arrive on campus.

Some ways you might get involved:

Send care packages. Each fall mailings will be sent from UB in partnership with OCM who manages the purchase and distribution of the care packages. A variety of options are available. If you didn’t receive the mailing, you can check out their website here. For questions about care packages please contact OCM directly.

Connect regularly with your student by sending mail, photos and emails to them. Having a support system at home is just as important as having supportive friends on campus. Receiving a special note or an update on the family is a great way to boost your student’s spirits especially during exams and holidays. You can check the campus calendar for these dates here.

Stay connected to campus news. Parents are encouraged to update their contact information with University Relations in order to receive Knightlines, the university magazine that is published three times per year. If you haven’t received Knightlines you can update your information here.

Sign up to receive The Campus Link quarterly e-mail newsletter for families of UB students. It offers great tips on parenting a college a student, and keeps you up to date on campus events and key dates. If you haven’t been receiving The Campus Link, please update your information here.

Volunteer to serve on the Parent Council. As a parent you have been invested in your child’s education since they first stepped foot in a classroom, there is no reason to stop now! The Parent Council are those committed to UB with a gift above and beyond the cost of tuition and those who would like to have a more in-depth parent experience while their student is at UB. To volunteer contact Craig Lennon, Assistant Dean of Student at or 203-576-4273.

Share your experience. Parents can be wonderful ambassadors of the University. From time to time parents are called upon to speak as panelists during events for the Office of Admissions. If you would be willing to share your UB experience, please let us know. Contact Craig Lennon, Assistant Dean of Student at or 203-576-4273 to be added to the list of potential speakers.