August 6, 2015

karensiclaireTitle: Associate Director of the Nutrition Institute

Meet the Associate Director

Karen Siclare obtained her Master’s Degree in Nutrition at UB in 2002 and holds a B.A. in marketing from Hofstra University. Karen spent 18 years in corporate America in the telecommunications industry before choosing to change careers and follow her passion into the UB’s nutrition program.

Since graduating, she has maintained an active nutrition practice, Whole Health LLC, in Connecticut. Karen founded Professional Nutrition Associates, a non-profit organization of nutritionists, shortly after finishing the Master’s Program at UB and rolled that organization into the American Nutrition Association, based out of Chicago in 2009. She has taught undergraduate Nutrition at Western Connecticut State University, and is a member of the Ridgefield CT Public School District Wellness Steering Committee.

As associate director, Karen serves as an advisor to students in the program and those wishing to join it. She is responsible for curriculum review and advancement and works closely with all faculty in both the on campus and online programs.

She carefully evaluates student satisfaction each semester and also heads our Continuing Education program hosting several clinical postgraduate nutrition seminars annually.

Karen travels to several clinical nutrition conferences each year to keep UB curriculum current on new research and practices in this rapidly growing field.