August 6, 2015

Christopher GoodTitle: Professor of Clinical Sciences
Department: College of Chiropractic
Contact Information:

Joining UBCC

In 2006 I became a full time professor at the UB College of Chiropractic because I was impressed with the commitment and quality of the faculty, students, staff, and administrators that I met as a visiting professor.

Making Life-Changing Differences

Even though our college is small, our students have the hearts and minds of those who will be the leaders of the next generation of health care professionals. I am sure our graduates will make a life-changing difference…in their patients and in their communities.

Uniquely Designed for a Personal Educational Experience

We are uniquely designed to offer a personalized educational experience within a very broad health sciences division. This provides learning opportunities that are unmatched in the profession. We are UBCC, the little chiropractic program that does!