UB's New Student Orientation


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Welcome to the University of Bridgeport!
The entire UB community is looking forward to having you join our dynamic campus of activists, artists, athletes, clinicians, scholars, scientists, and writers.  This guide will  help you to understand what to expect during orientation and how to prepare for your visit.

Orientation Highlights

  • Meet the Orientation Leaders. These experienced students have been trained to assist your transition. We promise they will be an invaluable resource throughout the entire program.
  • Meet with academic representatives. Receive answers to your question about majors and other academic requirements
  • Finalize your course schedule. You will leave Orientation with your fall semester schedule in hand!
  • Learn about Student Support Services and campus activities that occur beyond the classroom.
  • Be informed about certain social issues that college students often face. College is about growing into an independent and responsible person.
  • Receive your UB Student ID.
  • Choose your residential roommate and space.

Items to Bring

  • Students need to bring their acceptance letter with them. Transfer students should bring the course catalog from their previous institution and a copy of their preliminary transfer credit evaluation so that we are able to properly evaluate transfer credits.

Items to bring for your overnight stay:

  • Personal care items (shampoo, soap, deodorant, etc.)
  • Bath towel
  • Bed sheets (to fit twin sized bed)
  • Blankets
  • Pillows
  • Flip flops for the communal shower facilities
  • Clothes for sleeping and the next day

You will only be in the residential buildings from approximately 10:30 p.m. until 8 a.m., so we highly advise against bringing items of value (iPads, televisions, etc.).

Important information

Bring Your Acceptance Letter

Students need to bring their acceptance letter with them. Transfer students should bring the course catalog from their previous institution and a copy of their preliminary transfer credit evaluation so that we are able to properly evaluate transfer credits.

Pay Your Deposit

In order to participate in Summer Orientation we must receive your $200 tuition deposit, health forms, and final official High School and/or College Transcript(s) before the day of the event. Click here to make a payment.

Health Requirements

Students not providing proof of heath requirements will not be able to register for classes or reside in any of our residence halls. For more information, please contact Student Health Services at 203-576-4712, or The Health Examination Form must be filled out by your doctor.

Connecticut State Law and the University of Bridgeport require proof of the following:

  • Tuberculosis Risk Assessment/ TB Test: All students must have a Tuberculosis Risk Assessment or a TB test within six months of admission to the University.
  • Measles, Mumps and Rubella: Two vaccines are required after age one. This pertains to all students born after December 31, 1957.
  • Meningitis: All students living in residence halls within the past 5 years.
  • Varicella (Chicken Pox): Two vaccines or documented history of disease. Students born in the United States before 1980 are exempt.

English/Math Placement

All new undergraduate students will be placed into English courses based on SAT scores. Additionally, students will be placed into a entry-level, modular math course. Transfer students may be exempt. New students have the option to request a placement test if they wish to try to waive these courses. Placement tests are available at summer orientation or in August, when students arrive for the school year.

Arriving On Campus

  1. Orientation signifies the beginning of your college journey. The two-day program begins at 8 a.m. on the first day and concludes at noon the following day. Check-in begins at 8 a.m. at University Hall (Building #14 on the campus map). For those driving to campus, we advise parking in one of two parking lots next to the Arnold Bernhard Center (Building #11) or the John J. Cox Student Center (Building #4).
  2. Check out our campus map to locate the check-in and parking locations.
  3. Students will reside at University Hall during orientation. The overnight component is required regardless if you plan on living on campus or commuting in the fall. The optional parent program features overnight accommodations in nearby Cooper Hall, although space is very limited.

Parent Program Information

UB values its connection with the parents! The parent program is designed to inform on the various extra-curricular activities, educational programming, and academic support services available to your students here. The program runs concurrently to the student one, although some workshops are combined and meals are integrated.

  • Meet with academic and student affairs representatives. Receive answers to your questions from majors to attendance policies to office hours.
  • Meet other parents. For some, having kids in college is an old habit, but for others this is their first venture. Meet, greet, and socialize!
  • Ask current students questions. Student leaders will be available throughout the program as Orientation Leaders and workshop facilitators. The best way to understand what your child’s experience will be like is to ask a current student and here’s your chance!
  • The program schedule is sequential in nature. We encourage full attendance to gain maximum value but understand how certain circumstances may not allow this.
  • Lodging is available at a rate of $30 per parent. We have a limited amount of beds available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Two parents per room, so if a parent is attending individually they will be paired up accordingly. Personal items, bath towels, or sheets/pillows for the twin-sized bed are NOT provided. There is a communal bathroom so we recommend bringing flip flops for the shower. Unlike the students, parents are not required to stay on campus overnight. Visit our Where to Stay page for discounted lodging options.

Parent registration is available through the general registration form.

Moving in? Don't forget to review this list!

When you pull up to your residence hall, members of the Residential Life staff and Campus Security will be there to greet you and direct you to the unloading zone. You may have to wait a few moments to get to the curb, so please be patient—we know you can’t wait to get into the hall! Unload your vehicle at the curb in the designated area. We ask that once your vehicle is unloaded it is moved to a proper parking location. Parking lots are located within a short distance from each residence hall. Please DO NOT leave your vehicle unattended in the unloading zone.

The student is able to start the check-in process in the main lobby of the residence hall—be sure to bring your UB ID or a photo ID! We’ll verify your status to move into the hall and have you fill out some important paperwork. While the student is getting his/her room key, family and friends can begin bringing items into the main lobby. Once the student has his/her room key and is officially checked into the hall, s/he is all set to move into the room—WELCOME!!!!

Don’t forget to attend your first floor meeting!

Make sure you are registered for classes. All students living on campus must maintain their status as a full-time student and an overall GPA of 2.0 or higher. Returning students must be registered prior to move in and new students must be registered prior to the end of the first week of classes. Should you fail to meet this requirement you may be denied housing and/or be asked to vacate the residence halls until such status is maintained.

Make sure you are health compliant. Students living on campus must be 100% compliant with Health Services regarding all immunizations required to attend the university and live within the residence halls.Pursuant to Connecticut State General Statute 10a-155b, all students residing in a college residence hall MUST be vaccinated for meningitis. Please contact Health Services if you are unsure if you meet these requirements PRIOR to arriving to campus. Should you fail to meet this requirement you may be denied housing and/or be asked to vacate the residence halls until such status is maintained. Review these requirements here. Additionally, the University of Bridgeport Health Insurance Policy is mandatory for full-time undergraduates, international students, students enrolled in the Physician Assistant program and residential students. Students are automatically enrolled in the health insurance plan provided by the University and are billed on their student account. If a domestic student can show proof of comparable private health insurance, the University insurance may be waived by submitting a waiver form by the due date. This waiver can be found on, go to University of Bridgeport.

Register for ConnectED. We highly encourage you to register for the ConnectED alert system to receive important messages in the event of an emergency on campus. To do so, log into WebAdvisor, select “Emergency Notification Info” and register multiple email, phone and text options for alerts. ConnectED is only used in the event of emergencies.

As the University is not responsible for theft or damage to student property, we strongly urge you to obtain homeowner’s or renter’s insurance. We encourage you to obtain coverage prior to arriving to campus. You should speak with your current insurance provider or visit Worth Ave. Group for more information on low-cost insurance options.

Order your bed linens and other room supplies online through our residence hall linens program to have them waiting for you on move-in day! Save money and the hassle! Visit for more information.

Room changes will start after the end of the first week of classes and must be completed by October 1 for the fall semester. Moves are not allowed without prior approval by the Director of Housing and Residential Life or his/her designee. Students moving without approval will be subject to fines and/or disciplinary action.

The Center for Career Development is equipped with the tools to assist you in achieving your professional goals. Career Development is ready to help you with assessing your interests, skills and values, choosing a major and exploring careers, identifying goals and developing a plan, resume and cover letter building, job and internship search, interview preparation, graduate school research/applications, and on-campus recruitment. Stop by the Center for Career Development located on the ground floor of the Wahlstrom Library (right next to the Registrar), or call 203-576-4466 to make an appointment with a Career Advisor. Looking for a job or internship? Check out our online system, UBjobnet, which has hundreds of opportunities for you! Access UBjobnet through the “Quick Links” box on the right side of your UBportal home page.

Students bringing a vehicle to campus MUST register it with Campus Security once you arrive to campus. Please be sure to visit them once you get to campus and officially register your vehicle with them. You will need to provide proof of registration and insurance to receive a parking decal from them.


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