What Kind of Student Leader will UB?

1. The person who leads or commands a group or organization
2. A person followed by others.

Student Leaders are an important part of the University of Bridgeport campus community. UB is proud to offer a variety of leadership opportunities – from student worker positions to serving as an Orientation Leader, from being a Resident Assistant to being a part of the Student Government Association. For every student there is a leadership role to give them the ability to become engaged and active as part of UB.

The Division of Student Affairs offers graduate students more than a dozen opportunities to gain critical skill-sets that will last a lifetime. From working in Residential Life as a Graduate Hall Director to completing an internship in Counseling Services, these opportunities provide graduate students with a wealth of experience. To learn more about the different opportunities offered, check out our information booklet on Graduate Assistant and Internships in Student Affairs.

The Office of Residential life and Student Conduct provides more than 125 positions to students in a variety of roles – including Resident Assistant, Guest Relations Associate and more. Through these leadership positions within the department, students gain valuable professional experience, grow as individuals as part of a diverse community and make personal/professional connections that will last a lifetime. Each position offers a unique perspective, focusing on a different aspect of the overall on-campus living experience. To learn more about the different opportunities offered, contact us at reslife@bridgeport.edu.

For those students interested in sharing their knowledge with incoming students as they assist them in the transition to campus, the Orientation Leader may be a great fit! Orientation Leaders interact with and serve as a resource for new students and their families, assist in providing a welcoming campus experience for students and their families, facilitate student group discussions, assist with student and parent programs and initiate and maintain contact with students via email throughout the summer and fall semester. To learn more about the Orientation Leader position, contact the Office of the Dean of Students.

For those students looking for a student worker position, the Division of Student Affairs offers a variety of opportunities throughout our different offices.

International Student Services – Office Assistant
Objective: This paid position is to provide our students an opportunity to gain professional experience while pursuing their degree program prior to the start of their career. It is intended to be a resume builder in the following areas:

  • Familiarization with professional work environment
  • Knowledge in the basics of office work
  • Development of interpersonal and communication skills
  • Understanding and appreciation of different cultures
  • Customer service skills

Job Description: The Office Assistant is to assist international students for walk-in or appointments, answer phone calls, create files, make copies, file documents, conduct preliminary checking of students’ applications, schedule appointments for DSOs and other duties assigned. For more information please contact the Office of International Student Services on the G-Level of Wahlstrom Library.

International Student Services – Visiting Assistant
Objective: This unpaid position is to provide hands-on exposure and experience in the following areas:

  • English Speaking and written communications including practice typing skills
  • US Work Environment
  • Adaptation and Adjustment to US Culture
  • Customer Service Skills
  • Peer Interaction and Networking

Job Description: The Visiting Assistant will observe and assist the office assistants in their daily duties. They will concentrate on improving their English skills, building connections and relationships with other international students, gaining professional work exposure and familiarize themselves to US culture. For more information please contact the Office of International Student Services on the G-Level of Wahlstrom Library.

Student Health Services – Student Worker
Health Services Student workers assist with welcoming patients, signing in students, statistical analysis of data, developing health education programs and advertisements. In addition they help the Health Services Office manager with daily tasks. For more information please contact Student Health Services on the first floor of the Health Sciences Building.

Office of the Dean of Students – Student Worker
Student Workers in the Office of the Dean of Students work mainly during afternoon hours and assist with the overall operations of the office including a variety of administrative tasks. Student Workers enter data into a variety of database systems, including EXCEL, make deliveries throughout campus to other administrative offices, as well as, assist students with faxing and other needs. As the Office of the Dean of Students works with many different offices on campus, and with students, parents and visitors to campus, it is highly important that all staff demonstrate the highest level of customer service. For more information please contact the Office of the Dean of Students in the John J Cox Student Center, room 116.