F-1 School Transfer or Program Change

Transferring to the University of Bridgeport Instructions for F-1 Students

Check list:

  • You will need to complete the top portion of the Transfer Recommendation Form (attached). This allows your current or last school to provide necessary information to the University of Bridgeport. The Transfer Recommendation Form must be received from your current school and your SEVIS record must be released to University of Bridgeport prior to the start of the semester at UB.


  • Passport check-in with the International Student Services, Library- Garden Level, Room 133, is required prior to the start of the semester. It is considered violation of F-1 status if you fail to report to International Student Services with your documents within 15 days from the start of the semester at UB. The International Student Services will photocopy your passport, all other I-20 forms and I-94 card. This is done to start your immigration record.
  • The International Student Services will issue your I-20 form after you are registered Please be advised to sign, print your name, and date your University of Bridgeport I-20 form on page 1.
  • Do not throw away other I-20 forms that you have! These are an important part of your immigration record. You may staple your UB I-20 form, once authorized for transfer, to your other school’s I-20 forms so that they do not become separated or lost.

Please note:

A school transfer for immigration purposes means a change in the school you are authorized to attend by changing your approved I-20 form. The school transfer procedure must be followed even if the credits that you earned at a previous school are not counted for credit toward your program at U.B.

A school transfer must be completed even if you are changing your degree level or starting a new degree following Optional Practical Training.

A school transfer will terminate any authorized employment based on Economic Hardship, Curricular Practical Training or Optional Practical Training.

J-1 students: Please contact the International Student Services directly for assistance with J-1 school transfer.


International Student Services                                    Phone: (203) 576-4395

University of Bridgeport                                               Fax:    (203) 576-4461

126 Park Avenue, G133                                                 E-mail: internationaloffice@bridgeport.edu

Bridgeport, CT 06604