The University of Bridgeport Alumni Board of Directors meets four times a year. It is composed of alumni from various classes and backgrounds. Nominations for new board members are always welcomed. To nominate a prospective member please email


UB Alumni Board of Directors 2013-14

Delia Amsterdam ‘12
Andrea Andrews ‘06
Miguel Arroyo ’07, ‘09
Helen Boyke ‘09
Duanecia Evans ‘12
Jose Luis Garcia ‘13
Ken Graham ‘71
Karla Lara ‘14
Alice Lennon’87
Gabby Marinaccio ‘10
Suzanne Palys ‘91
Victoria Tenzyk ‘11
Constance Vickers ‘11
Janet Warren ‘04

New Elected Members for the Board 2014-15

Steve Bouchard ‘09
Perdita Das ‘11 & ‘13
Anne-Fried Drath ’09, ‘12
Robyn Greenspan ‘04 & ‘07
Askar Morisseau ‘13
Mathew Rosario ‘14
Le “Sherry” Sheng ‘13
Matthew Steiger ‘91

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How does this help?

With a current, correct e-mail address, we can contact you paperlessly. UB’s website will include a new portal, and with an e-mail address, you will be able to access all of this information, including current and back issues of Knightlines, paperlessly.

Is my privacy protected?

Absolutely! The University of Bridgeport will never sell or exchange your contact information with spammers or retailers of any kind.

How do I sign up?

Simply send an e-mail to Kelly Campion-Socol, Database Administrator in the Office of University Relations, at