IDEAL Student Interviews

The Daily Voice, a local news digital organization, sat down with our IDEAL students, professors, and staff to interview them about the IDEAL Program. Students shared their stories on how the IDEAL Program has assisted them with their academic and personal goals. Professors expressed their experience helping IDEAL students learn. IDEAL staff conveyed how they work with students to help them to complete their degree amongst their personal challenges with work, family, and community commitments.

IDEAL Students

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Regina Scates
A.A. General Studies 
William Garay
B.S. Human Services 
Carlos Reinoso
B.S. Human Services 
Sandra Askew
B.S. Human Services/Psychology 
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Jacquen Jordan-Bryon
B.S.G.S. Business Concentration

Denise Spada-Bargo
B.S.G.S. Business Concentration

John Stargu
B.S.G.S. Business Concentration

Guy Fortt
B.S.G.S. Social Science Concentration

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Mark Sinise
B.S.G.S. Social Science Concentration

Stuart Spitz
B.S.G.S. Social Science Concentration

Brenda Tyson
B.S.G.S. Social Science Concentration

Glenda Cobo
B.S. Professional Studies
Healthcare Administration Concentration

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Sarah Sullivan
B.S. Professional Studies
Human Resource Administration Concentration 
Melissa Joseph
B.S. Professional Studies Organizational Leadership and Change
Leigh Cerreto
B.S. Psychology
Cristina Vernazza
B.S. Psychology 

IDEAL Professors

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Dr. AJ Di Mattia
Adjunct Professor 
Camille Kramer
Adjunct Professor 
Donna Phillips
Dr. Peter Umoh
Adjunct Professor 


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Michael Giampaoli
Dean, School of Continuing & Professional Studies
Eve Liptak
IDEAL Admissions Counselor
Sarah Squatriglia
IDEAL Academic Advisor - Waterbury
Yvrose Romulus
Associate Dean and Director of Academic Advising for the IDEAL Program