Psychology (B.S.)

The Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology prepares students for work that requires liberal arts training as well as psychological knowledge and skills. The major provides students with a detailed awareness of the field of psychology, including its historical background, paradigms, methods, research findings, and applications. The major addresses the general areas of developmental, personality, social, cognitive, and abnormal psychology. It fosters the development of verbal, quantitative, analytical, and technological skills that are useful for work in psychology and related fields.

Psychology majors may opt for one of two tracks.

Track A (Applied Psychology) prepares students for immediate employment in psychology-related fields, education, and business. This track is intended for students seeking a broad education in Psychology that includes several applied psychology courses. Students graduating from this track may go on to work as an employment interviewer, job analyst, labor relations specialist, personnel administrator, psychiatric assistant, social worker, public relations worker, student activities officer, corrections officer, or in some other allied vocation.

Track B (Basic Psychology) is for students who wish to pursue graduate work leading to the Masters or Doctorate degrees in Psychology. This track is tailored for students who are interested in empirical research and who aspire to a career in counseling, research, or academia. Both tracks require 12 Psychology courses (36 semester hours). A total of 120 credits is required for graduation from either track. Students wishing to obtain a minor in Psychology must take Introduction to Psychology and any five additional psychology courses (18 semester hours).


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