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UB Music students perform as soloists and collaborators in a variety of large and small ensembles and chamber groups. We are proud of the diversity of our program and the quality of our ensembles.

Large ensembles include the Chamber Singers, the UB Fusion Ensemble (jazz/rock/R&B band), Gospel Choir (student-led), Knights of Harmony (student-led a cappella group), UB Percussion Group, Knights’ Ensemble (concert band), and the University Singers as well as a variety of small ensembles which evolve to meet student needs. Ensembles are open to majors and non-majors. The UB choral ensembles have performed at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center, and Carnegie Hall, as well as for state and local dignitaries.

“She Knows”

Under the direction of an experienced performer, songwriter, producer, and audio engineer with significant industry experience, UB’s music students produce original work in our newly-renovated recording studio. Click below to listen:

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Including performances by University Singers

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