If I am admitted into the First Year Studies Program, how do I get into my major?
Once you have reached the academic requirements of the major, FYSP advisors will assist you in applying to the program of your choice. It is the goal of FYSP to prepare its students for acceptance into the major of their choice by the time they have successfully completed their first 30 credits.

Will the First Year Studies Program (FYSP) cause an additional school year to be added to my college career?
With judicious selection and successful completion of classes, students in FYSP still graduate on time. Time needed to complete a program will vary depending on specific program requirements.

Are First Year Studies Program students in self-contained classrooms?
No. Students are integrated throughout the university with non-FYSP students.

What if I don’t get into my major after the first year?
If your academic performance has improved significantly, but your GPA has not reached the level required by your desired major, you will have the opportunity to transfer to the General Studies Program.

How many advisors are there in FYSP?
There are three advisors in FYSP.

What does a FYSP advisor do?
Your FYSP advisor is the person who assists you in selecting classes that will help you fulfill requirements, strive toward a major, and begin to work toward a general education. While advisors give advice about academics, they are also there to make sure that you are going in the right direction, attending classes, keeping up with assignments, and performing well on tests.

How am I placed in classes?
Placement for skills courses like Math and English are determined by SAT scores or Placement tests. Students are encouraged to take the placement for both Math and English during Orientation. Placement in General Education courses is determined through advising.

What resources are available?
Your first line of contact is your advisor. If you need any assistance with schoolwork, the advisors will most likely direct you to our tutoring services at the Academic Resource Center. Counseling services, disability services, and health services are also available on campus, and the Student Affairs and Residential Life services can help you attend to campus issues. The university also offers career counseling to help students investigate majors and career possibilities. There are numerous other resources throughout the campus, and information about them is included in your admissions packet.

Will involvement in FYSP affect my Financial Aid Package?
As long as you are taking full-time courses and making satisfactory academic progress, involvement in FYSP will have no effect on your Financial Aid.

Does FYSP cost extra?
No. FYSP participants are charged the same in tuition, room and board, and fees as non-FYSP students.

Are FYSP students allowed to participate in extracurricular activities on campus?
Absolutely! You are encouraged to immerse yourself in all that UB has to offer; however until you have become accustomed to your academic workload and can effectively manage your time, you should limit your extracurricular activities.

What are class sizes like?
Much of that depends on what class you are taking, but typically, classes range in size between 25 and 30 students. Some classes, such as Math 100 and English 100, are capped at 20 students. Lecture classes, such as those for science or Art History, can be larger . In many science classes, students break into smaller groups for labs.