First Year Studies Program

Transition into Your Major

The road to college life can be challenging. The First Year Studies Program helps you navigate the common challenges many students face in their first year of college.

First Year Studies Program Overview

The First Year Studies program (FYSP) is a 30-credit, one-year program designed specifically for students whose academic history prevents them from qualifying for immediate admission into the major of their choice.

The First Year Studies Program does not lead to a degree, it prepares you for acceptance into a degree-bearing program. Students may either apply directly to FYSP, or they may be referred to the program when they do not meet the academic requirements of their desired major.

Our advisors use their years of experience and training to help students who may be underprepared or students who need additional support to realize their full potential.

Customized and Individual Approach

  • A curriculum that is both focused and challenging
  • An active Academic Resource Center that supports UB classes
  • Individual and group tutorial work
  • Caring and committed educators who aim to help students succeed
  • Personalized advising and career guidance

Preparing You for Success

Former FYSP students have successfully been accepted to majors such as Biology, Business, Computer Science, Design, Human Services, Mass Communication, Music, and Social Science, as well as several other programs at UB and other universities. A significant number of students have gone on to graduate school, which in turn led to successful careers.

Suggested Program*

First Semester

FYS 101
Math 100/105 105A
English 100A/ 100/101
General Education Course
Introductory Course in Prospective Major

Second Semester

General Education Course(s)
Major course(s)
Math 105 if needed
English 101 if needed

*There are numerous permutations of the suggested program depending on where you place in Math, English, and your prospective major.