Christian Bach

Assistant Professor of Technology Management and Biomedical Engineering
Director of Cloud Computing Cluster

  • Email: cbach@bridgeport.edu
  • Phone: 203-576-4387
  • Office: Tech 153
  • Research Interests: Intracellular Immunization, induced Pluripotent Stem (iPS) cells, Artificial Transcription Factors, Target Detection Assay, Microarrays, Bioreactors, Protein Folding (micro -level), Target Binding Site Computation, micro Database Systems, Knowledge Cubes, Knowledge Management Systems, Collaborative Networks, Global Research Integration, Technology for Advancing Clinical Application.

Hassan Bajwa

Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering
Director of Cloud Computing Cluster

  • Email: hbajwa@bridgeport.edu
  • Phone: 203-576-4571
  • Research interests: Low power VLSI, RF circuit designing, low power sensor networks, flexible nanoelectronics and piezoelectric materials, design and analysis of algorithms and bioinformatics

Prabir Patra

Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering
Co-Director Bioinformatics Unit

  • Email: ppatra@bridgeport.edu
  • Phone: 203-576-4165
  • Fax: 203-576-4343
  • Office: Tech 159
  • Website: http://www1bpt.bridgeport.edu/soe/patra/
  • Research Interests: Multifunctional nanomaterials, bioinspired nanomaterials, biomedical materials, tissue engineering, flexible nanoelectronics, polymer gels, biosensors, label free immunoassay and lab on chip protein sensor, piezoelectric soft sensors and actuators, carbon nanotube and graphene architectures and their device, hybrid nanomaterials for sustainable energy, smart membranes for desalination and ion exchange, proton exchange fuel cell membranes, photovoltaic, synthesis and design of polymer nanofibers, synthesis and structural function of polymers, rheology of polymers, electro-rheological and magneto-rheological fluids, synthesis and simulation of nanocomposites, inkjet printing and writing of macromolecules, electronic materials and biological molecules, self assembled nanostructures, ultrathin supercapacitors, batteries and associated electrodic applications.

Elif Kongar

Associate Professor of Technology Management and Mechanical Engineering
Co-Director, Business Intelligence Institute

  • Email: kongar@bridgeport.edu
  • Phone: 203-576-4379
  • Website: http://www1bpt.bridgeport.edu/~kongar
  • Research Interests: Supply chain management, logistics, environmentally conscious manufacturing, product recovery, disassembly systems, production planning and scheduling and multiple criteria decision making

Neal Lewis

Associate Professor of Technology Management
Co-Director Business Intelligence Institute

  • Email: lewisn@bridgeport.edu
  • Phone: 203-576-4569
  • Office: Tech 139
  • Website: http://www1bpt.bridgeport.edu/~lewisn/
  • Research interests: lean manufacturing, project valuation, real options

Kris Erodula

Chief Architect Cloud Computing

  • Email: kerodula@bridgeport.edu
  • Research Interests: Distributed Computing, Parallel processing, Cloud Computing, Bio Informatics Algorithms, Programming Languages, Object Oriented, Relational Design and Languages, Enterprise Service Bus, Service oriented Architectures,Information Architecture,Web Services, Open Source Frame works, Java J2EE enterprise Frameworks.

Research Associations

Dalwadi, Tanviben

Research Associate: Biomedical Engineering

  • tdalwadi@bridgeport.edu

Dharmapala, Prithvi

Research Associate: Business Process Engineering

  • asathvar@bridgeport.edu

Escalante, Alexandra

Research Associate: Management Research, Leadership

  • alexandg@bridgeport.edu

Khan, Bilal U.

Research Associate: Small Business Solutions,

  • bkhan@bridgeport.edu

Patel, Krupali

Research Associate: Biomedical Engineering

  • krupalip@bridgeport.edu

Patel, Ritishaben

Research Associate: Biomedical Engineering

  • ritishap@bridgeport.edu

Ragoncsa, Tamas

Research Associate: Business Process Engineering and Web Integration

  • tragoncs@bridgeport.edu

Sakhare, Sahas Shivling

Research Associate: Small Business Solutions

  • ssakhare@bridgeport.edu

Sangasani, Jayakiran

Research Associate: Management Research, Leadership

  • jsangasa@bridgeport.edu

Sathvara, Amit B.

Research Associate: Management Research, Marketing

  • asathvar@bridgeport.edu

Shroff, Nilima A.

Research Associate: Information Systems Research

  • nshroff@bridgeport.edu