Hmurcik_Lawrence_2014Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, School of Engineering

Office Location: Engineering – Technology Bldg – Office 137
Telephone: (203) 576-4678
Fax: (203) 576-4105






Ph.D., Solid-State Electronics, Clarkson University, 1980
M.S., Nonlinear Fiber Optics, Clarkson University, 1976
B.S., Integrated Circuits Design, Fairfield University, 1974

Dr. Hmurcik came to the University of Bridgeport in 1983 from Diamond Shamrock Corporation. He was Chairman for the Department of Electrical Engineering from 2001 to 2013, and he remains active as a teacher and researcher and committee member. He has almost 90 publications. He has almost 300 consulting cases to his credit, including 6 pending court cases in which he is an expert witness. Dr. Hmurcik has obtained 5 major grants while at UB, and he continues to publish in many fields — Solar Energy, Accident Reconstruction, Medical Machines, radiation shielding plastics, electronic circuit simulation, programmable logic controls (PLC’s), and carbon nano-tubes. Hmurcik is licensed as a professional engineer (LLC and PE) in Connecticut.

ELEG 233, 234, 235, 236 – Network Analysis I and II, both course and lab.

ELEG/BMEG 510 Medical Machines

ELEG 596 – Electrical Engineering Seminar

Electrical Accident reconstruction, origin of Electrical Fires, PLC’s or Programmable Logic Controls (aka assembly line controls), carbon nano-tubes, superconductors, plastic-metal composite materials, fiber optics, solar energy, electronic circuits simulations

Lawrence V. Hmurcik and Sarosh H Patel, “The case of the hurried electrician”, Electrical Construction and Maintenance page 10 (March 2014).

V. Umamaheswari, K. Venkatasubramanian, Lawrence V. Hmurcik, “Different structures for micro-nano-electrode arrays for measurement of surface potential from any localized part of the brain”, American Patent and International Patent pending (February 2014).

Linfeng Zhang, Nicolae Gari, and Lawrence V. Hmurcik, “Energy measurement in a micro-grid with distributed energy resources”, Energy Conversion and Management, volume 78, 297-305 (January 2014).

(4) Manan Joshi, Navarun Gupta, and Lawrence V. Hmurcik, “Modeling of Pina-Related Transfer Functions using a finite-element-method”, COMSOL conference Boston (October 10, 2013).

Lawrence V. Hmurcik and Sarosh H. Patel, “The case of the mis-identified pump switches”, Electrical Construction and Maintenance p 8, (May 2013).

Bhushan Dharmadhikari, Navarun Gupta, Manan Joshi, and Lawrence V. Hmurcik, “Surge Suppressors–hidden dangers”, 2013 ASEE NE Conference, Norwich, VT April 16.

B. V. Dharmadhikari, L. V. Hmurcik, P. K. Patra, N. A. Mohammed, and D. Gondi, “In silico simulation of carbon nanotube and pulmonary surfactant protein binding”, Biomedical Engineering Society 2012 Conference, Atlanta p 131 (October 26).

Madhav Patil, Jack Toporovsky, L. Hmurcik, Tarek Sobh, “Integration of a vision system, an intelligent robot actuator, HMI (human-machine-interface), and PLC (programable logic control) to design a universal quality inspection or control machine”, i-managers Journal on Mechanical Engineering, v 2, no. 3, (May-June 2012).

Navarun Gupta, Sarosh Patel, Manan Joshi, Bhushan Dharmadhikari, and Lawrence V. Hmurcik, “Real-life high voltage accident cases — teaching electrical safety”, 2012 ASEE NE Conference, Lowell, MA (April 28, 2012)

Lawrence V. Hmurcik, M. Joshi, B. Dharmadhikari, and N. Gupta, “Aquarium fires — why water and electricity do not mix”, 2012 ASEE St. Lawrence Conference, Potsdam, NY (March 23-24).

Service award for 30 years of service as a Faculty member of the University of Bridgeport (April 2014)

Keynote speaker at Bridgeport Hospital/Southern Connecticut State University’s graduation ceremony for Nurse Anesthetists, held at Bridgeport Hospital (May 2004)

Lawrence V. Hmurcik, “High temperature superconductor characterization”, UI-EnerTech Grant, 1998-1999. $5,000

Abe Bidarian, Lee Mathews, Rocky Trembly, and Lawrence Hmurcik, “Characterization of polycrystalline high-temperature superconductors,” Charles Goodyear Cooperative Research and Development Grant sponsored by the state of Connecticut, 1994-1996. $120,000.

Steve Grodzinsky and Lawrence Hmurcik, “Mixed analog-digital signals laboratory”, NSF ILI Grant, 1995. $56,000.

Steve Grodzinsky and Lawrence Hmurcik, “Design and fabrication of micro-electronic/opto-electronic circuits,” consortium Grant with the University of Connecticut, Yale, and Trinity, sponsored by the state of Connecticut (1089-1991). $100,000.

Dhan Sethi and Lawrence Hmurcik, “Photo-conductive polymer composites analysis,” Charles Goodyear grant sponsored by the state of Connecticut, 1986-1988. $60,000.