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Full-time Faculty

Patra_Prabir_2014 Prabir Patra
Chair, Biomedical Engineering
Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering
Bach_Christian_2014 Christian Bach
Assistant Professor of Technology Management and Biomedical Engineering
Faezipour_Miad_2014 Miad Faezipour
Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Engineering

Adjunct Faculty

Hassan Bajwa
Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering

Buket D. Barkana
Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering

Navarun Gupta
Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Angela Santiago
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Director of the Science and Mathematics Department

Vikas Singh
Adjunct Professor of Electrical Engineering
Phone: (203) 260-5767
Research interests: Radar, Communication System

Xingguo (Michael) Xiong
Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering