UB Undergraduate Students Considering Becoming a Teacher

Consider Becoming an Educator

Preparation for Teaching

  • Qualified candidates earning a relevant bachelor’s degree in the School of Arts and Sciences receive preferred consideration for admission to the University’s graduate School of Education.
  • The undergraduate curriculum within the relevant majors in the School of Arts and Sciences has been carefully aligned with the admission requirements for the professional master’s degree in Education.


  • Students can complete a BA or BS and consecutive MS in five years, with one additional semester for resident teaching.
  • Students participating in the intern program receive their Master of Science degree tuition-free; student loans are deferred throughout the graduate program.

Programs Offered

  • The School of Education offers master’s degrees and/or certification in Biology, General Science, English, History/Social Studies, and Math at the middle school and high school levels, as well as Music at all grade levels and Elementary Education.
  • The University’s educator preparation programs offer substantial field experience working in urban, suburban and rural schools to prepare graduates for the realities of contemporary K-12 education.

Advantages of Our Program

  • The program has historically drawn students with a wide variety of professional, personal and educational backgrounds, including prior study at leading colleges and universities.
  • Rigorous preparation across the content areas and in the practice of education have historically led to high scores on state-mandated assessments and a strong placement rate with recent graduates serving as teachers and administrators throughout the state, region and country.
  • Extensive personal interaction with our experienced and dedicated faculty allow for a seamless transition from undergraduate to graduate studies, and to initiation to the profession.