Tim Raynor

Assistant Dean for Curriculum and Faculty Development and Administration

Mandeville Hall 22D
(203) 576-4687

Doctor of Business Administration, Wilmington University
Sixth Year in Educational Leadership, Southern Connecticut State University
Master of Business Administration, Sacred Heart University
Bachelor of Arts in Business and Economics, Albertus Magnus College

Dr. Raynor is a business practitioner and higher education professional with a corporate career that includes almost 20 years of senior leadership and management experience with several Fortune 50 corporations. Prior to joining the University of Bridgeport in 2014 Dr. Raynor was an Associate Professor/Department Chairperson at Albertus Magnus College. His initial experience in higher education was at Quinnipiac University as an adjunct professor in the School of Business. Additionally he owned and operated a coffee company that serviced markets, gourmet food shops, specialty bakeries and restaurants throughout Connecticut. Finally, Dr. Raynor is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force.

BUAD 101: Introduction to Business
MGMT 320: Business Planning
MGMT 350: Business Policy and Strategy
MGMT 582: Business Planning

Academic Integrity

University of Bridgeport: Faculty Development Day-Presenter: Academic Integrity Issues in Higher Education and Best Practices That Help Reduce Academic Dishonesty. (2017)

Journal of The International Association of Advanced Technology and Science. The role of leadership in reducing academic dishonesty. Volume 3 Issue 8 August 2017.

ANNY Conference-Presenter: Academic Integrity Issues in Higher Education and Best Practices That Help Reduce Academic Dishonesty. (2017)

University of Bridgeport: Faculty Research Day-Poster: Part time faculty’s enforcement of academic integrity policies. (2017)

Northeast E-Learning Consortium conference-Presenter: Academic integrity issues with online learning and best practices that help reduce academic dishonesty. (2016)

University of Bridgeport: Faculty Research Day-Poster: Business Faculty Perceptions and Enforcement of Academic Integrity Policies. (2016)

Doctor of Business Administration at Wilmington University-Dissertation: Research the possible difference of perceptions, beliefs as well as level of enforcement of the institution’s Honor Code/Code of Conduct between full time and part time business faculty at a private mid Atlantic university. (2015)

Supplemental Author: International Business: 6th. Edition, Pearson Education International.

International Assembly for College Business Education regional conference-Presenter: Outcomes Assessment and Challenges and Opportunities in these tough Economic times (2009)

Raynor, T.J. Supplemental Author: International Business: 6th. Edition, Pearson Education International. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey. R Griffin & M Pustay. ISBN 978-0-13-715373-2 (2009/2010)

The New England Faculty Development Consortium conference-Presenter: Educating First Generation College Students (2008)


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