Trefz School of Business Faculty


Our faculty brings to the classroom a balance of practical work experience, coupled with a love of teaching.  All of our faculty have advanced degrees in their particular field, and have extensive work experience in their specialty area as senior managers.  At the Ernest C. Trefz School of Business, theory and practice comes together for your success.

Lloyd Gibson
Mandeville Hall, Room 105A
(203) 576-4385

Arthur C. McAdams, III
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Management, Information Systems
Mandeville Hall, Room 105B
(203) 576-4767

Tim Raynor
Assistant Dean for Operations
Mandeville Hall, Room 22D
(203) 576-4687

Elena Cahill
Senior Lecturer of Entrepreneurship, Management
Mandeville Hall, Room 9
(203) 576-2389

Timothy Dorr
Senior Lecturer of Information Systems
Mandeville Hall, Room 313
(203) 576-4951

Joanne Guo
Assistant Professor of Economics & Finance
Mandeville Hall, Room 22c
(203) 576-4805

William Greenspan, J.D., L.L.M.
Professor Emeritus of Business Law
Mandeville Hall, Room 105C
(203) 576-4378

Fred Harmon
Visiting Professor of Accounting
Mandeville Hall, 315
(203) 576-4376

Edward Jankovic
Senior Lecturer of Economics & Finance
Mandeville Hall, Room 217A
(203) 576-4373

Gew-rae Kim
Associate Professor of Economics & Finance
Office: Mandeville Hall, Room 6
(203) 576-4372

David Kohn
Senior Lecturer of Accounting
Mandeville Hall, Room 202
(203) 576-4380

Marc Lewis
Senior Lecturer of Accounting
Mandeville Hall: 22B
(203) 576-4008

Michael Lohle
Senior Lecturer of Information Systems
Mandeville Hall, Room 304
(203) 576-2390

Philip Maymin
Associate Professor of Economics & Finance, Information Systems
Office: Mandeville Hall, Room 217B
(203) 576-2027

Carrie A. Picardi
Assistant Professor of Human Resources & Leadership
Mandeville Hall, Room 206
(203) 576-4891

Robert Todd
Associate Professor of Information Systems
Mandeville Hall, Rom 306
(203) 576-4377 

Nikki Wingate
Assistant Professor of Marketing
Mandeville Hall, Room 209
(203) 576-4366 

Congsheng Wu
Professor of Economics & Finance
Mandeville Hall, Room 204
(203) 576-4869


Gary Levy
Student Services & Operations Coordinator
Mandeville Hall, Room 22A
(203) 576-4368

Sam Lota
Graduate Program Director
Mandeville Hall, Room 23A
(203) 576-4648 

William Brandon
Placement & Outreach Director
Mandeville Hall, Room 15
(203) 576-4375

Eileen Zoppi
Executive Assistant
Mandeville Hall, Room 105
(203) 576-4384



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