About the Nutrition Institute

Established in 1977, the Nutrition Institute offers a science-based program for newcomers to the field and healthcare professionals who wish to integrate clinical nutrition into their practice 

The mission of the human nutrition program is to prepare graduates to positively influence and support specific health challenges and promote overall well-being by integrating biochemical and physiological science knowledge with evidence-based strategies that link to integrative and preventative nutrition-based interventions.

The Nutrition Institute provides a sound biochemical and physiological study of nutrition which allows students to understand the complex interrelationships between nutrition and health. 

Why UB?


  • UB has the most established Master’s in nutrition program in the USA (since 1977).
  • We teach clinical nutrition from a functional medicine paradigm providing clinically effective and evidence-based strategies for nutrition practice.
  • We embed the concept of bioindividuality and personalized care to offer each client a unique and efficacious plan for their health optimization.
  • Faculty members include professors who are seasoned academics and researchers as well as leading clinicians in the field.
  • Designers and administrators of the program are practicing clinicians in functional medicine/nutrition with decades of experience.
  • We feature a unique capstone course, Virtual Clinic, which is the first online clinic experience offered to graduate students in the field. This provides real case study and clinical management experience and is taught by several different experienced clinicians over a semester.
  • The Virtual Clinic is eligible for 255 hours of supervised experience credit towards the Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) credential awarded by the Board for Certification of Nutrition Specialists. UB leads the way in providing this experience to students.
  • UB has a robust and unique College of Health Sciences currently featuring 8 schools/institutes and 14 programs across a wide-span of health care disciplines, one of which is the Nutrition Institute. We also offer dual degree program opportunities for students in other UB graduate health sciences programs. It is the only such program on the east coast to offer such opportunities.
  • Our program offers maximum flexibility to complete the program entirely online, or through a one-weekend-every-3-weeks, on-campus program. Both are perfectly suited for working professionals or those seeking a career change.