Dean’s Welcome

Dean ward_1Welcome to the College of Public and International Affairs of the University of Bridgeport. Our College is a close-knit learning community of established and burgeoning scholars who are committed to preparing graduates for careers requiring international awareness and effective intercultural communication. Graduates of the College’s graduate and undergraduate programs have been employed by the United States government (FBI, Defense Department, and Department of State), the United Nations, the Council of Europe and by governments in Asia, Latin America, and Europe. The College’s pertinent academic offerings, its small classes, its diverse faculty, its tradition of close student-faculty relations and its co-curricular activities all contribute to the quality of the College of Public and International Affairs educational experience.

The College of Public and International Affairs graduate and undergraduate programs as well as concentrations in intercultural communication, conflict resolution are social science-based. The College also provides service learning opportunities both locally and abroad. The international student body of UB, both a “living laboratory” and a “microcosm of the global world,” provides an unparalleled context for University study. Students have the opportunity of studying Arabic, Chinese, French, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Spanish.

To prospective students, the professors and we look forward to welcoming you visit the UB campus. For entering students as well current students and alumni, please feel free to stop by my office (235 Carlson Hall). I will look forward to meeting you.

Thomas J. Ward
Dean of the College of Public and International Affairs
Office 235 Carlson Hall, extension 4966