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The Forum for Global Development and Peace is composed of scholars at the University of Bridgeport who lecture, conduct research, and write on topics related to development, conflict resolution, and human security. Participants in the Forum contribute to the Journal of Global Development and Peace as well as to other scholarly publications. The International College’s Monthly Faculty Roundtable provides a venue for faculty to present papers and receive feedback for academic peers. The Monthly Roundtable is conducted from September through April and it is open to the University community and to other invited guests.

Journal of Global Development and Peace: Past Issues

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Call for Papers for the Journal of Global Development and Peace

The Journal of Global Development and Peace is a peer-reviewed, bi-annual publication of The College of Public and International Affairs at the University of Bridgeport. The Journal has a special interest in publishing articles that address:

  • Challenges to regional economic development
  • Innovative approaches and tools for regional development
  • Conflict analysis and resolution
  • Issues related to regional security

We invite submission for the next edition. Articles should be submitted electronically to the attention of Dr. Steve Hess, Managing Editor of the Journal of Global Development and Peace at