All students are required to complete all of the seven core supervised clinical clerkships. The clinical clerkship sequence will be individually assigned to students.

Emergency Medicine

The Emergency Medicine clerkship gives the physician assistant student direct involvement and experience in a hospital Emergency Department setting. This will provide the student with practical clinical experience in the diagnosis, evaluation, and management of a wide range of emergent medical, orthopedic, traumatic, and surgical conditions. Students will participate in the care of pediatric and adult patients in all triage acuity classifications. This experience consists of a six week supervised clinical experience in an affiliated hospital emergency department designed to further develop the concepts of diagnosis and management acquired during the pre-clinical course-work and to develop decision-making and cognitive skills related to patient care in an emergency room. This course will also provide the student a chance to develop additional clinical psychomotor skills by performing routine basic procedures in a supervised setting. By the completion of the rotation, the student will have gained an appreciation for the delivery of emergency medical care as well as an understanding of the role of the PA in the Emergency Department setting.

Family Medicine

This six week clinical clerkship is designed to expose the student to a variety of common ambulatory care situations. Settings vary, but experiences are centered around primary care, general medicine, and family practice. Students are responsible for eliciting chief complaints, gathering pertinent historical data, and performing relevant physical examinations. Students are also expected to develop problem lists, diagnostic impressions and therapeutic plans. These are to be presented to the preceptor in an organized, thoughtful manner. Students are expected to attend conferences on primary care problems when offered and participate in other assigned activities.

Internal Medicine

This 6 week clerkship is designed to provide an opportunity for the student to build on previous didactic experience and begin to develop competence in clinical medicine. The student is exposed to patients with a wide group of acute and chronic medical conditions. This clerkship will emphasize skills in gathering historical data, examination of patients, and provide the opportunity to perform a variety of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Students will interpret laboratory, EKG, and a variety of radiology studies. Students will formulate treatment plans; participate in discharge planning and patient education.

Obstetrics and Gynecology

This six week clerkship is designed to provide the student with exposure to common prenatal and gynecological problems. Hospital and clinic settings offer the student a wide range of outpatient and/or inpatient experience. The student will become confident with the routine gynecological evaluation and patient education. The student may have the opportunity to participate in labor and delivery. Emphasis is placed on data gathering, differential diagnosis, patient management, maintenance of medical records, performance of diagnostic and therapeutic skills, follow up care and the provision of health education and counseling.


This six week clerkship is designed to provide the student with exposure to common pediatric problems. Emphasis is placed on assessment and management of normal and abnormal growth and development, as well as acute and chronic disease states. The student will develop skills in obtaining historical information and examining the pediatric patient. While most of the experience will occur in the office setting, the student will have the opportunity to be involved on the pediatric inpatient setting also.

Psychiatry/Behavioral Medicine

This six week clerkship provides students experience in working with patients who have psychiatric, behavioral or substance abuse problems. Emphasis is placed on the recognition and management of these problems. The student will learn how to do a mental status exam and medically assess the patient to screen for non psychiatric causes of the patient’s clinical presentation. The student will be involved in treating patients with psychiatric as well as co-occurring disorders with alcohol, benzodiazepine or opiate dependence.


This is a six week clerkship on an inpatient surgical service with hospital operating room experiences. The student is exposed to the concepts and principles which characterize the practice of medicine in general surgery, while participating in the pre- and post-operative evaluation and care of surgical patients. The role of the physician assistant student on the general surgical service includes performing the admission history and physical examination, monitoring and recording patient progress on daily rounds, performing and/or assisting with diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, assisting the surgeon in the operating room; participating in the post-operative care and management of patients, in addition to providing patient/family education and support.