Faculty in the Field

Dr. Daniel Cervonka: One World Medicine

Dr. Daniel Cervonka: One World Medicine

Dr. Daniel Cervonka is a Physician Assistant and the Director of the Physician Assistant Institute.

Dr. Cervonka has recently completed his term as President of One World Medicine, a non-profit organization that has completed missions to the Philippines.

He says that a medical mission gives the freedom and satisfaction of the practice of medicine without the constraints we find in our health system.

“People appreciate so much of what you do…they are just happy you are there.” Dr. Cervonka says “Understanding Global Health is an important component of understanding healthcare in general. It requires an understanding of epidemiology and heath in the context of education, poverty, the environment and the economy. It is also requires an understanding of Ethics and Human Rights. Understanding Global Health is not just about the issues in a foreign land because as all of these issues affect the U.S. heath system and citizens as well. We tend to think of the issues of global health as removed from our “developed” health system but the same issues are concerns for us.”

In addition to his Program Director activities, Dr. Cervonka is part of the On Site Medicine Practice at Yale-New Haven Hospital.