On-Campus Weekend Nutrition Program

On-Campus Weekend Program Option
The On-Campus Weekend Program Option consists of 41 credit hours of core curriculum courses plus 3 credit hours of Thesis Project.

Weekend Program Overview

The weekend program is designed to meet the rigorous schedule of the working individual.

Classes are held on the Bridgeport campus, only one weekend per month, (Saturday and Sunday, 9am-5pm), for 28 consecutive months, or up to five years from the first course date if the student chooses.

The program is full-time, constitutes four semesters with two courses being offered each semester.

The eight required courses of the core curriculum and the project thesis can be completed in eighteen months, if the student chooses.

Alternatively, the student is allowed one semester to complete the thesis, after the completion of all course work.

The program supports the acquisition, utilization, and application of nutrition principles in clinical situations.

Coursework is designed to assist the student in gaining proficiency in counseling clients/patients in alternative and complementary nutritional therapies.

In addition, the program provides an opportunity for medical, chiropractic, and other healthcare providers to expand their practice through knowledge gained from graduate studies in nutrition.

Licensure or certification is available through several individual states or national nutritional organizations.

Consult with state health departments or specific organizations for exact eligibility. The program is a graduate-level program and is NOT designed to lead to the registered dietician (R.D.) designation.

The program provides its graduates with a foundation for entering Ph.D. programs in nutrition.

The Human Nutrition Institute also offers Post Graduate seminars to expand students’ and alumni knowledge by providing education on advancing research in clinical nutrition.

These opportunities are available to aid students and graduates in their career development.

For more information please contact:

Terri Roma
Program Coordinator

Karen Siclare
Associate Director



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