The Global Language

As the world becomes a global community, the necessity to communicate with each other increases. English is currently the international language of business, diplomacy, science, and technology in addition to being the most useful language for international travel.

The ability to communicate orally and in written form in English will increase employment opportunities in virtually every country in the world. Furthermore, being bilingual in English and another language increases employment opportunities in the United States or other English-speaking countries.

Build International Contacts

At the English Language Institute at the University of Bridgeport, you will meet students from all over the world in addition to the United States. Becoming friends with them and understanding their cultures is one of the unexpected advantages of studying at such an international university. If your future job brings you into contact with businesses, organizations, or people from another country, you may already have an understanding of that country that gives you an advantage over other employees or job applicants.

Intercultural Communication

The experience of learning to live in a culture not your own will improve your ability to understand and communicate with people from any other country. Your success in learning to understand why people act and think the way they do in another culture can be used in any new country. The flexibility in thinking that comes from international living experiences will be useful in adapting to changing employment climates and opportunities.