ELI Tuition and Costs

Medical Insurance and Immunizations

All ELI students are required to purchase medical insurance through the University when they arrive at ELI. Insurance is bought per semester (two ELI sessions). Some immunizations are required by law. Read the information in the acceptance packet carefully and visit a doctor before leaving home. Bring the Health Examination Report completed by a doctor with you.

2015-2016 Costs (subject to change*)

Payments to be made to University of Bridgeport:

  • Tuition per session: $2,955
  • General fee per session: $55
  • Health Insurance per semester (1 or 2 ELI sessions):
  • Fall semester: $670
  • Spring semester: $510
  • Summer semester: $510
  • Books per session, estimated, paid separately: $150

On-Campus Housing:

Barnum/Seeley/Iodine/Cooper Halls, meals included: $3,140 per session
(Required for under 21 years of age)

North/South Halls, no meals included: $373.75 per month
(Available for ELI students accepted into graduate programs or over 25)


Payment for the $50 application fee and other charges may be made by personal check, travelers check, cashier’s check, postal money order (payable to University of Bridgeport), or credit card (please obtain an ELI Credit Card Authorization Form by contacting ELI). Tuition payment is due after arrival at ELI and before the first day of classes of each session.

Once classes have started there is no refund. Late payment fees are charged after two weeks.