ELI Curriculum

The English Language Institute (ELI) at the University of Bridgeport offers six (6) curriculum levels:

  • 6 – Advanced
  • 5 – Low Advanced
  • 4 – High Intermediate
  • 3 – Low Intermediate
  • 2 – Elementary
  • 1 – Beginning

In addition:

  • Pre-1 class is offered as needed for students who do not yet have the skills to start our regular program.
  • We offer most levels every session.
  • Students are placed in a level by a placement test during Orientation or by a TOEFL or IELTS score submitted before they arrive.

Curriculum Highlights

  • Writing
    • Beginning through Low Intermediate classes learn paragraph writing
    • High Intermediate classes learn multi-paragraph essays
    • Advanced classes continue with essay writing and learn to write research papers
  • Academic Reading skills at the appropriate level are addressed in all classes.
  • Listening practice is provided by in-class audio and video as well as opportunities in the computer lab. High Intermediate and Advanced classes practice academic lecture listening and note-taking in preparation for university work.
  • Speaking classes allow for formal and informal, individual and small group speaking tasks, and speaking opportunities are integrated into all skill classes.
  • Every level studies all the major areas of Grammar, and Advanced grammar classes focus on editing.

Other Highlights

  • Cultural awareness is part of all classes so that students know how to be successful in a U.S. academic environment.
  • All students can participate in informal conversation groups with American students after class.
  • Students have the opportunity to visit university classes and attend campus lectures.
  • Level 5 students write and perform a skit.
  • Level 6 students prepare and participate in a semi-formal debate with an audience of their peers and/or university faculty.