1. Graduation or completion rates and, if applicable, transfer-out rates of the school’s undergraduate students; Visit Website
  2. Graduation or completion rates and transfer-out rates of the school’s undergraduate student athletes, if applicable; Download PDF
  3. Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act (Report on Athletic Program Participation Rates and Financial Support Data), if applicable; Visit Website
  4. Institutional policies and sanctions related to copyright infringement (effective 8/14/08); Visit Website
  5. Student body diversity including gender, Pell Grant recipient, and self-identified race or ethnic group, if applicable (effective 8/14/08); Visit Website
  6. Placement in employment of, and types of employment obtained by, graduates of the institution’s degree or certificate programs (effective 8/14/08); Visit Website
  7. Types of graduate and professional education in which graduates were enrolled, if applicable (effective 8/14/08); Visit Website
  8. Retention rates of certificate- or degree-seeking, first-time, full-time, undergraduate students (effective 8/14/08); Visit Website
  9. Institutional policies regarding vaccinations (effective 8/14/08); Visit Website
  10. Institutional policy for compliance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA); Visit Website
  11. Voter registration information, if applicable. The University has voter registration cards (in English and Spanish) at the Registrar’s Office and Student Services Offices. Visit Website