Instructions for Taking a UB Online Course


Here are the required steps for taking a UB Online course:



To register for an online course, visit our Registration page.


2)Order Textbooks

For instructions on ordering textbooks, visit our Course Schedule page and click on �How To Order Textbooks�.


3)Check your UB email

After you register for an online course, you MUST check your UB email regularly for course instructions & important messages.To access your UB email visit our UB email help page.


4)Online orientation:

New students will receive an email one week prior to their first online course with Orientation instructions. Please check your UB email!

         The online orientation is required for all new online students (you do NOT need to register for the orientation, and will automatically be enrolled).The orientation is conducted in an actual online classroom, and is designed to help you become familiar with all the features used in our online courses.

         Students only need to complete the Orientation once, prior to their first online course.

5) Blackboard access:

Students will receive an email by 5pm on the official course start date with course instructions � please check your UB email!

         Students will NOT receive access to their courses on Blackboard until the first day of class.To confirm your registration, follow the registration confirmation instructions.

         All students will receive an email with instructions for accessing online courses by 5pm on the day the course officially begins (ET Eastern Time).  Visit our Online Course Schedule for course dates.  If you do not receive an email by 5pm, please contact the Distance Learning office. 

         NOTE: Please DO NOT attempt to self enroll yourself in Blackboard.

         For additional instructions on accessing Blackboard, read Getting Started With Blackboard - Students.


6)How do UB online classes work?

1.To learn how Blackboard (our online classroom) works, read the Blackboard Guide - For Students.Students will NOT receive access to their courses on

���� Blackboard until the first day of class.

2.UB online classes are not self-study classes.Each class has a start & end date, with weekly assignments, and requires regular participation.

3.You will need to login to your online class 2-3 times per week to read your course material, get your assignments, and interact with other students.

���� Students who do not participate during the first week of the course will be dropped from the course.

4.You do not need to be online at any particular time, although it is helpful to plan a few hours each week into your schedule to complete your

���� coursework.

5.Order your textbooks early - you MUST have the proper textbooks to begin your online course.

6.Check the Distance Learning Course Schedule page for syllabus & course requirements.


7)Still have questions?

If you need help with your login or accessing a course that is not on your list of courses, please contact the Office of Distance Education at


For all other technical issues, please contact our Blackboard tech support by clicking on "Blackboard Help" on the top while in Blackboard, or visit our UB Online Support page.